How much is poor quality data costing your business?

Our analysis shows that the average dealer has £85,000 worth of real opportunity at risk through poor data quality.

Typically, 30% of DMS held MOT due dates are out by 30 days or more, whilst 20% of the aftersales customers seen in the last three years no longer own the car. Data health is fundamental to maximising opportunity, with poor data quality leading to missed opportunities and wasted marketing spend.

Over the last two years we’ve seen a significant deterioration in data health, with COVID, furlough, and MOT extensions amongst the main factors contributing to a measurable decline in data quality. And with declining data quality comes substantial risk to dealer business.

The impact of poor data health is devastating

It stands to reason. If you’re contacting customers who no longer own the vehicle or have left the area, then you’re wasting time and money. If you’re communicating with the right people but at the wrong time due to incorrect service or MOT dates, you’re missing potentially lucrative opportunities.

Poor data health also has a negative impact on your credibility with consumers. Untimely and irrelevant communication often leads to irritated customers taking their business elsewhere.

And it gets worse. If your own employees are working with data that isn’t up to the job, then they’ll start to lose confidence in what they’re doing. Productivity and morale within the dealership drop and bookings per head performance plummets.

Take advantage of our free Data Health Check to get your data back on track

We’re offering dealers a free Data Health Check, following a simple three-step process that covers the areas outlined below:

  1. Data Capture: Identification of missed opportunities due to incomplete data capture.  Analysis of current status of DMS data, highlighting records missing key information including MOT due date, service due date, e-mail and phone number
  2. Data Accuracy: Checking MOT date accuracy & e-mail addresses to uncover further threats to opportunity.  Look up of MOT due dates vs. DVSA.  Comparison to MOT due dates held in DMS to identify any significant differences that may result in lost opportunity.  Validity check of e-mail addresses
  3. Workload Planning: Workload forecast & lead scoring to prioritise calls & avoid wasted effort. Lead scoring automatically prioritises contacts based on likelihood to convert, enabling you to maximise conversion through highly targeted deployment of resource

You’ll receive a detailed, individual report highlighting threats and recommendations alongside tailored suggestions to improve performance.  We’ll present the results of the Data Health Check to your team, offering practical advice and no obligation solutions and services to resolve risks and get your data back in shape.

Improved data health drives a sustainable and proven boost to retention and profitability.

With enhanced data quality you’ll have clear visibility of opportunity in your DMS, enabling you to focus resource on key opportunities, resulting in best-in-class conversion rates and exceptional return on marketing effort & spend. 

To sign up for your free Data Health Check or to find out more please drop us an e-mail at or speak to one of the team on 0330 808 1268.

Stats shown above are representative of Health Checks completed for 64 multi-franchise dealers from February – May 2022