Effective as standalone solutions to solve specific business challenges, or working together to deliver comprehensive data management and CRM performance, find out more about how our products and services optimise sales and aftersales effectiveness below.

From data solutions through to predictive marketing and lead prioritisation, you’ll find all the tools you need to control the customer journey from opportunity through to retention.

MGS Connect

The only solution able to integrate, aggregate, consolidate and display data from every UK DMS provider

Integrating service plan, DVSA data, eVHC, recall, connected car, customer service data, SMR, vehicle reg, vehicle parc, DMS data and more

A true single customer view to power every aspect of your business. A single source of network truth for OEMs

MGS Migrate

MGS migration services manage all the complexities of DMS provider changes quickly and accurately, minimising any disruption to your business

Fully secure and GDPR compliant, we’re experts in data management, able to migrate your data to and from any DMS system or database. New DMS fully operational within 7‑14 days

Optional data enhancements and cleansing ‑ supplement with 3rd party data sources like MOT and service due date, VIN numbers, registration dates, make/model variant, keeper, gone away etc.



Fully managed process ensuring 100% accuracy.

Able to support Teleservice data feeds from:

Lead/Enquiry Data from OEMs and 3rd Party suppliers data feeds from:

MGS have successfully managed to link with every DMS in the UK (32 versions at last count) and their system has instantly transformed how we are able to measure, manage and build the dealer aftersales opportunity.

David Wilson-Green Aftersales Director, Mazda Motors UK

MGS Health Check

The average dealer has £60,000 worth of real opportunity at risk through poor data quality. Our three-step Data Health Check helps you to resolve risks and get your data back in shape

1. Identification of missed opportunities due to incomplete and incorrect data capture; 2. Checking MOT due date accuracy vs. DVSA; 3. Lead scoring to prioritise outbound calls & avoid wasted effort.

MGS provide a detailed individual report highlighting threats and recommendations. You’ll receive tailored suggestions and practical advice to improve performance and optimise opportunity.

MGS Cleanse‑As‑You‑Go

Continuous small-scale cleansing ahead of strategic customer touchpoints

Manages keeper changes, scrapped, movers, gone away and deceased. Identifies and updates incorrect or missing MOT due dates. Flags inaccurate service due dates. Highlights incomplete records or invalid e-mail addresses

A cost-effective way to cleanse, avoiding hard to manage, expensive mass updates

MGS Batch Cleanse

Get your database in shape fast with our batch cleansing service, see immediate results with vastly improved data quality and marketing conversion

Full cleanse or targeted cleanse available for specific activities or campaigns. Fully adaptable to your requirements (weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.)

Significantly cheaper and faster than alternative cleansing services


of MOT due dates in the average dealer DMS are out by over a month, costing over £100K pa in missed MOT opportunities alone

As we expand as a business and our customer base widens, implementing a system like MGS provide is crucial for us to ensure that we reap the rewards from the time and effort our staff spend contacting potential customers. From a customer’s point of view, this system is also beneficial as data cleansing discounts those customers who no longer require our services, such as if they have sold a vehicle we previously maintained for them. Since we have had the system in place, between 80% and 90% of the customers we contact genuinely require our services in some way.

James Godley Group aftersales director at Drive Motor Retail

MGS 360 ‑ Continuous Marketing

Automated marketing platform, proven to deliver Industry leading retention outcomes. With an optimised contact strategy built over twenty years' worth of campaigns, we know exactly when and how to contact your customers for unbeatable results

Intelligent stepped marketing puts the customer at the heart of communications, delivering industry leading conversion rates with smarter, permission‑driven customer engagement and best practice templates

MGS 360 provides real‑time hot leads based upon advanced lead scoring ‑ plugging directly into your Outbound call team to boost your call conversion rates by up to 70%

MGS Contact ‑ Tactical Marketing

Effortlessly pull data from multiple DMS environments to build the perfect audience for your campaign. Send instant and engaging communications via your chosen channel

Simple‑to‑use system allows you to choose from hundreds of different criteria to create custom lists, ensuring campaigns are highly targeted and extremely effective

Evaluate and manage your campaigns with comprehensive reporting on customer engagement, conversion and ROI

MGS Assisted Marketing

Struggling to find the time or resource needed to market effectively? Let our team of MGS marketing experts manage your campaigns for you

Everything’s covered from audience selection to campaign deployment and management, guaranteeing you the highest levels of customer engagement, conversion and retention

The perfect solution for OEMs ‑ manage central campaigns for dealers delivering effective, on‑brand communications


Dealers using MGS Assisted Marketing have up to three times higher parts and labour revenue

Our MGS 360 package takes control of marketing. We now feel in control of our database and confident in future planning. The application is very easy to use from both an Operator and Manager’s point of view. Very rarely as a customer you feel that your business is valued but our satisfaction appears to be a clear priority for MGS.

Rowes Garage

MGS Lead Scoring

Our innovative analytics approach assesses customer history, vehicle data, drive times and a whole host of other variables to assign every customer a lead score

Maximise bookings whilst minimising marketing spend by focusing on key contacts. Accurately predict customer value to your workshop

Take control of your outbound marketing, easily identify top target customers and avoid wasted time on those customers who no longer own the vehicle or are unlikely to convert

MGS Hot Leads

Engage positively and in real‑time with those customers who show an interest in marketing but fail to convert

Hot Leads Contact Centre application provides structured call pots based upon lead scoring and response to marketing campaigns, enabling you to focus resource on key contacts

MGS Book It

A simple, effective & professional page embedded as a link into all your customer communications

80% of customers abandon the booking process after receiving marketing when there’s no option to book online. We provide a frictionless experience, saving customers time and hassle and significantly improving your booking rates

The online service booking module integrates seamlessly with MGS platforms, providing an exceptional experience for the customer and removing any barriers to booking


boost in booking conversions for dealers using MGS Hot Leads

Before my outbound team classed it as a great day if they managed 10 bookings per day, now using MGS 360 they are averaging 18 bookings per day. MGS 360 is the perfect tool to find that needle lost in the haystack. Before using MGS 360, my outbound team called every contact that had a next service due date, there was nothing scientific behind it. MGS 360 offers a slick system with smart inbuilt algorithms ‑ it’s allowed us to take control of our own outbound and easily identify our main target customers, avoiding wasting time and resource contacting customers who aren’t interested or no longer own the vehicle.

Steven Bell Sales & Customer Service Manager, Lookers

MGS BI Dashboard

Manage the KPIs that matter most with a real‑time view of performance and retention

Simple and intuitive design. Build your own custom reports ‑ interrogate data, save & share the results

See the impact of initiatives on your bottom line. Know immediately what works and what doesn't

MGS Performance Team

Our dedicated and highly knowledgeable team of UK‑wide automotive specialists actively coach retailers to attain the highest levels of customer satisfaction, retention and profitability

Insight tailored to your business. Specific recommendations and action plans with implementation support, monitoring and follow up

With physical visits and calls at a frequency to suit you, our Performance Managers are there to support with any challenges you face


Our fully integrated CX platform enables you to manage each relationship and react to every customer, real-time. The MGS CX platform is agile, flexible and completely adaptable to your needs

MGS CX captures and manages both solicited and unsolicited feedback from key touchpoints across the customer lifecycle, providing actionable insights to drive measurable growth for global brands

Our experienced insight team are on hand to deliver the actionable insight you need to grow. Providing intelligence in an easily digestible format, we’ll work with you to design smart initiatives that deliver exceptional results


conversion increase through performance management coaching

At the start of our journey we had no idea what to expect or how this would work as there was so much to think about and consider, the feeds, the data, the call pots, the lead scoring. It soon became very apparent that we were not on this journey alone and we have been able to draw from the experience and expertise of the MGS team. Where we faced any potential issues the team were able to guide and steer us in the right direction and the results speak for themselves. We have a CEC team who have embraced the system, its ease and functionality of use. Our business could not have done this without the MGS team, they have become an extension of our business.

John Clark Motor Group