Case Studies

Boosting workshop retention and outbound call efficiency for John Clark Group

The Challenge

With no robust CRM system in place, the John Clark Group were seeking a solution to deliver visibility and vital insight into true opportunity across the business.  A key objective for the Group was providing active support to the CEC in improving their workshop retention and contact to bookings ratio.   

The Solution

MGS initially engaged with the John Clark Group through their early adopter’s programme.  Working closely with the CEC team, we identified a small number of sites that would benefit from the 360 application. After an immediate uplift in performance and significant positive impact on key aftersales metrics, John Clark Group requested an accelerated integration of the rest of the sites.    

MGS meets Group needs and supports sustainably enhanced performance with regular reviews, monitoring results against mutually agreed KPI’s and sharing learnings and best practice. Martin and our Performance Managers work closely with the wider John Clark team, providing ongoing user support, guidance and insights into how performance can be further improved. 

The Results

MGS has become a valuable extension to the John Clark Group business. The Programme now covers all 33 dealerships and the Group have enjoyed a customer booking conversion increase of 13% after implementation.  The insight received has enabled John Clark Group to maximise the value of their data, optimising the aftersales process and sustainably boosting workshop retention, profitability, and overall customer experience. 

After a seamless onboarding process, a valuable partnership has been established between MGS and the John Clark Group. MGS look forward to continuing to support John Clark Group, not only on a day-to-day operational basis, but with the agility to respond to the Group’s ever-changing needs, delivering frequent system enhancements to continually evolve the Programme and drive exceptional performance