Direct mail (DM) and its role in an effective marketing strategy

The latest trends from JICMAIL (Joint Industry Committee for Mail) and Royal Mail MarketReach demonstrate that direct mail can be a valuable tool alongside e-mail, SMS, and phone as part of an integrated multi-channel marketing approach.

The stats show that DM is trusted by customers:

  • Nearly two thirds of UK adults are opted-in to receive direct mail and 96% of customers engage with DM
  • Direct mail campaigns can help to cut through the hundred plus e-mails received by the average customer every day to deliver key messages that might otherwise be missed
  • DM is a highly trusted medium across all age groups. It’s viewed by customers as a key part of an ongoing brand relationship, especially in the context of sharing important information like service reminders or recall campaigns
  • Direct mail is a highly credible method of communication.  87% trust direct mail and describe it as ‘believable’ vs. just 48% of survey respondents who used the same sentiment to describe e-mail

DM can make customers feel valued and drive commercial response

Direct mail can have a positive impact on brand perception.  70% of people said DM, rather than e-mail, made them feel valued and gave a better impression of the company that sent the communication.

DM is also more likely than e-mail to be seen as ‘needing a response’ by customers. Over twice as many survey respondents assumed that direct mail required an action vs. the e-mails they received.

Strategic use of DM can drive re-engagement and avoid missed opportunity

Choosing the right time to send DM as part of a multichannel strategy is crucial in driving an optimal outcome.  Customers without e-mail and phone permissions can be easily prioritised for contact using DM to maximise opportunity available and sustainably boost retention.

Due to the positive sentiment and value attached to DM, it’s particularly effective when used to communicate VIP events or important or urgent information (like recall campaigns).  It can also be highly effective in follow up of lapsed customers, as well as re-engaging with contacts where other channels like SMS and e-mail have failed to connect.

Integrating DM as part of a stepped marketing strategy alongside SMS, e-mail and outbound calls helps to drive optimal conversion and retention rates.

Automatically fulfil DM in one easy step straight from the MGS Contact platform

We’re delighted to be working in partnership with PSL Automotive to enable auto-fulfilment of print campaigns direct from MGS Contact, saving dealers time and money, whilst driving more bookings and higher retention rates as part of an integrated contact strategy. 

PSL Automotive are a division of PSL Print Management, print specialists with over 35 years’ experience across the UK and Europe, delivering innovation, quality and superior service at competitive prices.  They’re fully certified by the FSC and hold ISO:14001 certification.  PSL Automotive are actively working to minimise their carbon footprint and follow a sustainable approach to print, an important consideration in choosing a DM supplier.

As an approved specialist provider to the Auto Industry, PSL Automotive supply almost 1,000 dealerships, including some of the UK’s largest dealer groups.  And with a cost from just 65p per letter, it’s never been easier or more economical to make DM part of a successful marketing strategy.

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