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MMUK – Transforming Aftersales Opportunity Management

Giving Mazda complete visibility of network DMS data, with a complete suite of reports to track everything from retention to parts penetration and location. Professionalising dealer aftersales marketing activity overnight with MGS Contact Tracker.

The Challenge

Mazda had limited visibility of vehicles in the network. Data was cherry-picked by dealers leaving Mazda with lack of visibility and no way to verify the information.

The Solution

By integrating every single DMS represented by the Mazda network, we were able to extract, normalise and aggregate the dealer network of data to give Mazda full visibility of movement of vehicles and full workshop and sales visit history.

We supply Mazda with accurate, timely and robust data feeds daily. The ContactTracker provides a suite of reports giving control over: Data Quality/Capture, Parts Stock (Core Stock Parts), Sales & Workshop Retention.

The Results

Data Quality/Capture was improved significantly in the first year of operation leading into effective marketing campaigns through Assisted Marketing. Over 300,000 vehicles that Mazda had limited visibility of now available with full history. A Core Stock Profile system was implemented, monitored and reported Contact Tracker. Powered by a bonus scheme it encourages dealers to stock the right number of parts in the dealership for identified product groups.

Mazda Motors UK is currently working with MGS, a company who has successfully managed to link with every DMS in the UK (32 versions at last count) and their system has instantly transformed how we are able to measure, manage and build the dealer aftersales opportunity. The system allows us to see DMS data, report on it and has marketing functionality that has professionalised dealer aftersales marketing activity overnight. Simple reports like having a national parts locator have been invaluable!
While we’ve launched this as an aftersales initiative, we are in the very early stages building Mazda reports and functionality that will help the whole business but we are only scratching the surface with the systems capability. We launched in the UK with a strong focus on customer data and have changed the dealers’ perception on the quality of their own data and permissions more in 6 months than we have in the past 5 years. We are building reports to suit our needs such as return on investment capability for each marketing campaign and dealers are loving it.

David Wilson-Green
Aftersales Director, Mazda Motors UK

Without clear visibility you’re wasting your time...

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